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Lauren Starling

Lauren Starling has dabbled in everything with regards to internet marketing but loves to help people dominate the SERPS with their name or brand.

I have experience building, developing, managing and marketing websites and online campaigns. Working as an affiliate for national e-commerce websites, I have created content rich websites and landing pages while optimizing traffic volume and conversion. I have utilized various marketing channels including: Local and National SEO, PPC, Facebook ads, twitter marketing, local SEO/CPA marketing, classifieds marketing, social media buying, as well as guest blogging. While I’ve managed the majority of these projects myself, I’ve also gained experience in project management through the use of outsourcing firms. I also enjoy creating automation scripts that will speed up web tasks such as automating social bookmarking, keyword research and data scraping for the purpose of research. My passion, as a Houston seo consultant, is in marketing and dominating the SERPs  Check out to watch me rank my brand name in real time.

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